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SoCal Shifting 2022 Exercise: June 17th thru June 19th


FEMA RECCWG Region 4 & Region 6 May 31-June 1 Communications Outage Exercise

May 17, 2022: for FEMA Regions 4 and 6:
Below are the Winlink instructions for the FEMA RECCWG Region 4 and Region 6, May 31–June 1 Communications Outage Exercise.
In addition to Winlink (SHARES and amateur radio) providing a Field Situation Report with “ground Truth” information over VHF/UHF/HF radio or Telnet, FYI, the following will also be exercised by the various States in these two Regions with FEMA:
  • FNARS (FEMA National Emergency Radio System)
  • NAWAS (National Warning System)
  • MSAT G2 (Multi-State Satellite talk groups)
  • Multi-State linking of P25 Trunking Networks.


Instructions for FEMA RECCWG Region 4 & Region 6 Communications Outage Exercise, May 31 thru June 1 [PDF]

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