Winlink Thursdays: How Do They Work?

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Winlink Thursday Is Taking A Break For the Holidays so that the ETO team can take a rest from creating exercises, and spend time over the holidays with their families.
Winlink Thursday will return on January 20, 2022.
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Happy Holidays,
The ETO Team

  • Thursday, November 11th:

    No Winlink Thursday for November 11th, 2021:
    See the Drills page for the 11/13 "Cyber Wind" semi-annual Drill

11/4: Weather Report and Beaufort Wind Scale

The WLT Team
Thanks for participating in Winlink Thursdays.

  • Thursday, October 28th:
Many participants of Winlink Thursday last week, experienced a problem where their Position wasn't posted on our normal "Winlink Thursday Results Map".
We are investigating the reasons why so many of your CC's to your ETO-nn Regional Clearinghouse Addresses never reached us.
When we next attempt a similar APRS-involved Winlink Thursday, we'll amend our instructions, probably in such a way as to request that, once you've sent the Position Report, you then Forward that message to your ETO Clearinghouse Address, as a separate outgoing Winlink Express message.
Please be patient, we're learning along with you!
Thank you.
The ETO Team

  • Thursday, October 21st:

  • Thursday, October 7th:

List of 10/7/21 P2P Participating Stations:

List of P2P Stations on 10/7/21 [sorted]:   [Excel .XLSX file]     [PDF file]
P2P Call Signs Only: Results of 10/7/21:   [Excel .XLSX file]     [PDF file]

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Please send any questions about our group on to:

73's from the EmComm Training Team
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