Frequently Asked (and Answered!) Questions

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New to Winlink Express?

Getting Started with Winlink Express and the Winlink System

Can I run Winlink Express on a Macintosh?
Can I run Winlink Express on a ChromeBook/iPad/iPhone/Android Device?
  • Short Answer: No.

Finding Winlink Gateways

On the web site:
Inside of Winlink Express:
  • Within Winlink Express, on the Session page:
    When you are in an Open Session, let's say for Packet on FM VHF or UHF, and your computer is connected to the Internet, you can click "Channel Selection", then "Update from Internet", and Winlink Express will use your Grid Square (that you told it, in Settings...), to give you a list of nearby Gateway Stations. Image of Update From Internet option in W.E. Open Session
From your local ARES/RACES group(s)
  • Check with your local ARES/RACES group(s), to see if their Web Sites mention their Winlink gateway stations:
    On, they offer a Map of their Ham Repeaters, Winlink Gateways, and GMRS Repeaters:
    [click on the @-symbols]:
    Seattle ACS Repeaters and Nodes

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