Our Mission Statement:

Interoperability and standardization of digital messaging is becoming increasingly important during a disaster.  Voice communication, should be supplemented by concise, and legible digital communications for expediency. Training for the purpose of establishing competency and interoperability has been proven to be successful by a multi-agency approach. 
Initially, we started as a partnership with certain agencies, but there are other organizations that seek participation as well, in a local, regional, or national exercise.  We, as a collegium, have the experts that could design a national/worldwide exercise and demonstrate proficiency amongst all those who need this much needed training.  The threats are ever looming and have made communities increasingly vulnerable.  Establishing a communications network, with both voice and digital modes, not vulnerable to natural or cyber threats will be paramount.
We hope to:
  • Set a standard operating procedure (SOP) for conducting a regional or national exercise
  • Provide training around this concept
  • Promote best practices for use of Winlink messaging, attaching spreadsheets or photos
  • Support those groups that use variations or other modes, such as FLDIGI/FLMSG with Winlink
  • Encourage more Gateways (HF and VHF) to be established in locations identified
  • Liaison with the Winlink development team to provide operational improvements
  • Liaison with FEMA, to enable SHARES training and participation with exercises at the Federal level
  • Provide or support the yearly EMCOMM Academy meeting virtually to promote education and recruitment